Prior to the Best of the United Kingdom tour, on our first London evening we walked to Buckingham Palace and on to Big Ben. “Keep Calm and Carry On”--was the title of our travel note book and it’s off to appreciate and enjoy our ninth Rick Steves  tour in Europe and Asia.

Our european tours began following our good fortune to witness our Sean and Petra’s wedding in Germany; that was followed by driving ourselves in a number of countries using Ricks guide books.  When we returned home an saw our first of his TV shows we realize how much we had driven right by, and missed seeing on our own; and thus the decision to do our first tour, the twenty one day Best of Europe with Kendra.  This was followed with Village Europe (no longer offered) with Rolinka and Rene’, Spain and Portugal with Turoje, Eastern Europe with Marijan, Turkey with Toplin, Greece with Collin, Village Itally with Trish, Scotland with Anne and the UK with Tom.  The ETBD visited countries include The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Turkey and Greece.  On our own we have driven Basque area of Spain and France, southern France and Provence, Italy, Monaco

Liechtenstein, Lauderbrund Valley Switzerland, the Romanic Road of Germany, central Germany, Austria, and Ireland.

 Rick Steves The Best of The 
          United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace

       Big Ben

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