The Scandinavian world


Months of anticipation for another ETBD Tour, and a choice for our tour; and then plane, train and hotel arrangements and it’s down to the selections for packing.

We would like to schedule ETBD tours with more days such as the 21 day Best of Europe.  We have combined two back to back tours twice.  For us the cost and logistics have made that difficult to deal with.  On our most recent tour we arrived early in Stockholm and finished on a scenic ride on the Bergen to Oslo train.  We would have liked more structured tour time in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.  Stockholm is located on several islands, built on an archipelago on the Baltic Sea.  Our hotel Wellington is in the Östermalm.

           finally, our first day on the road the road again

                                   for our tenth ETBD tour

                                May 24, 2012 San Luis Obispo to Los angeles to Chicago to Stockholm

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