Arrived Padua on train from Fararra--to hotel in late afternoon--welcome & meet Trish for SOP--tour group intro--select buddies--dinner & night stroll with Trish--day 2 early to lScrovegni Chapel with arts first modern frescos--the market place--Padua University’s grant Anatomy Theater--explore & picnic dinner on our own

Padua  Welcome, dinner evening stroll.  Day 2, Scrovengni Chapel, Padua University, market place & Basilica of St. Anthony
We always look forward to the initial meeting with our guide--Trish provided an enthusiastic opening to a spectacular tour.  The self introductions and their expectations for the tour establish our group--it is interesting to see how the first impressions work out over days of the tour--Trish’s dinner setting in looking onto Prato Della Valle was striking
Trish’s plan for the day--Trish a native of Scotland with Italian roots and a home in Italy and the U.K.

Trish’s evening stroll

exploring near by Padua passing Grom’s with a stop for our first gelato--on to the market square--the University--determining some land marks are own site seeing

Day 2--breakfast when your ready--Rick’s rule--be early for any departure’s

off for a brisk walk to the Scrovegni Chapel--allowed only 15 minutes for the group view to protect frescos from humidity--local guide for market area--University--Basilica of Saint Anthony--rest of the day on our own

University of Padua-1222-most progressive in Europe-independent of Catholic constraints--open to all faiths-intellectuals--Galileo--Copernicus who realized the universe wasn’t centered on earth--1st women to earn university degree 1678-

In the great circular multiple level anatomy theater-despite church ban-300 students observe prof’s dissect cadavers thus rapidly advancing the science of medicine--1594-Basilica of St Anthony-popular saint, miracle worker & finder of lost articles--Scrovegni chapel, Giotto’s frescoes depicting the lives of  Mary and Jesus 1303-1305, was the first piece of modern art, a break out from the Middle Ages, with 3-D views, lively colors, emotion and humanism--Padua was a wonderful community with its history, architecture, and the lively University community to start our tour